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Support & collaboration for a modern world

Modern businesses require close support from people who really understand each other.

Ever wondered how you could call on similar business owners for advice or share some thoughts?

What if you could easily get together a group of business owners with a shared goal to discuss and collaborate with each other?

Wondering how you can hold yourself accountable to move towards your business goals?

How it works

Micro-networking, powered by technology

We believe in the power of small tribes, helping each other along their journeys. With Peer, you'll be placed into a small group of other matched business owners.

Step 1

Let us know where you are on your journey, and what you’re looking for in a group of peers.

Step 2

We’ll then place you into a unique small group of other matched business owners.

Step 3

We give you intuitive tools to be able to regularly communicate and help each other to grow winning companies.

A trusted group of peers

A group that's built for you

We intelligently match you with a small group of similar business owners.

Powered by technology

Support that fits into a busy schedule

With our intuitive app, you'll be able to discuss problems and thoughts as they come up.

Prompted conversation

Getting to the real questions

With weekly topics covering a wide range of subjects, your group will always have something new to discuss.

Video calls

Building stronger relationships

Alongside the chat, we'll help your group to book regular face-to-face video calls. These are a great opportunity to dive deep into topics.

Intelligent Matching

Getting the right people around you is the key to a good support network. We intelligently match you into a group of people with similar goals.

Facilitated Discussion

The conversation never runs dry with Peer. We'll help to ensure that there's always something to talk about.

Mobile Optimized

Designed to fit into your busy schedule, Peer is always available and built for easy use.


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Business ownership can be a difficult and often lonely experience. Finding great peer support should be easy, and fit into our modern busy lives.

Scott Gulliver

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If you have an iPhone, then you can try our Beta version by clicking the button below.
Please note that Peer is still a work in progress, so bear with us if you find any bugs, glitches or any other nasties whilst using the app. Thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the pricing details?

We're still working out exactly how much the service will cost, but while we're in beta, it will be completely free to use.

When will the beta phase begin?

We're hoping to open up the beta phase in the autumn/winter of 2021.

Will I be able to connect with anyone on the platform?

No, we will place you into a single group that will include a small number of other business owners. Our fundamental goal is to help you build strong relationships with a small number of relevant business owners, so that you can get the most out of your experience.

I'd really like to see this with ___ feature

Getting input and feedback from our users is essential to us creating a great experience for you. We'd love to hear about any ideas or feedback that you may have. You can contact us directly at

How is this different to other networks?

Most networks are built around getting you in a room with a large number of other people. While these networks certainly have their place, we believe that there is a missing element of close ongoing support that you can't get from a larger group.

With our service, you'll be able to communicate in a safe space with others, and the goal is always to support one another, rather than to market to each other.

How does the facilitation work?

Because we use technology to bring people together, we don't need a human to get in-between you and your peers. By removing the facilitator, groups build more natural relationships with each other.

When the conversation needs a nudge to keep moving, we make use of intelligent and automatic prompts to help spark new discussion.