Introducing Peer

Peer matches you with other business owners, giving you the chance to pick their brains, cheer them on and share fresh ideas - all within a safe environment that you can trust. 

Introducing Peer

Business ownership can be a difficult and often lonely experience. 

As a business owner, entering this new environment for the first time can be both daunting and confusing. 

Despite the abundance of self-help books, all claiming to help you make millions with ‘ten simple steps’, the reality is this: there is no instruction manual. 

But one thing you do have, is your peers. 

The thing that actively helps and supports companies, particularly in the early stages, is having a close-knit support network that can offer you lots of useful guidance and advice. 

The network can keep you accountable, help you move closer towards your goals, share ideas, and most importantly, support you mentally and emotionally, because business ownership can be tough!

But how, and where, do you find this? 

You download Peer, the app that we created to help you find a network that's built around you.

World, meet Peer.

Finding great peer support should be easy, and fit into our modern busy lives. 

As a business owner, you deserve to have quality access to a full support network. 

That’s where Peer comes in. 

Peer matches you with other business owners, giving you the chance to pick their brains, cheer them on and share fresh ideas - all within a safe environment that you can trust. 

You’ll be placed into a single group with a small number of people, similar to yourself, and you’ll have the chance to build strong, lasting relationships, to get the most out of your Peer experience. 

Whether you’re having a tough day, or desperate to share a new idea, your network will be there for you. 

Peer has been effectively designed to create an intimate network of business owners that are on your wavelength. 

You’ll have support at your fingertips, and a place to vent frustrations and share ideas. 

But most importantly, you’ll have a support network that is constantly rooting for you - and always keen to celebrate your success.

Networking for the 21st century

Traditional networking is built around getting you into a room with a large number of people who may be able to help you and your brand. 

With Peer, you’re able to communicate with like-minded people in a safe space - and your network is tailored to you. 

It’s the 21st century way to network- and it’s continued support, whenever you need it. 

Our mission is to help people to help each other.

But how do we do this? It’s simple, really. 

  1. We match you with the right people. By learning about you, your business and your goals, we’re able to use our technology to automatically place you in a group with like-minded people. 
  2. Creating a secure environment. Your group will be purposefully small, typically between four and six people. You’ll be able to really get to know the people that you are chatting with. We want you to chat with confidence, and be able to really get to know the people in your network. With security built into the core of the app, no-one - apart from those in your group - will be able to see your messages. Not even us. 
  3. A modern platform. With our intuitive app, you’ll be able to discuss problems as soon as they arise, and share ideas as soon as they pop into your head. It’s instant, with no more waiting for the next networking conference. We also keep the conversation flowing with smart facilitation from Peerbot. 

Keeping the conversation flowing

Our technology brings people together, removing the need for a human to facilitate conversation. 

By keeping it tight-knit, we hope you’ll be able to develop more natural relationships with like-minded individuals. 

But if you need a nudge, we’re able to make good use of intelligent and automatic prompts to help spark new discussion within your Peer group. 

Sound interesting? Join us!

We're just about to launch our public beta, and we'd love for you to be involved.

Simply register your interest at and we'll let you know as soon as we've launched. 

Are you ready to meet your Peers? 

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